does beetroot make your skin glow

Does Beetroot Make Your Skin Glow? Learn About The Amazing Benefits Of Beetroot For Skin

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So you want to know if beetroot makes your skin glow. The internet is full of beauty blogs, vlogs, and videos constantly telling us how to improve our skin. There are so many products out there promising to make your skin glow, but what do you need? 

Beetroot! It may seem strange at first, but beetroot has a lot of benefits for the skin. We will be discussing this more in-depth throughout the post.

Does Beetroot Make Your Skin Glow?

does beetroot make your skin glow

Yes, it does. It is no secret that beets are nutritious. They are rich in antioxidants, which help fight free radicals in the body and prevent disease. Beetroot also has a high concentration of folates, which can promote healthy cellular growth. But that’s not all!

A recent study found that eating beetroots might make your skin glow! The study was conducted on women who had very dull, dry skin conditions. After consuming beetroot juice for three months, people noticed improvements to their complexion – it became more radiant with increased elasticity and firmness.

Beets are a great source of antioxidants, which can help to protect the skin from damage. However, if consumed in excess, they can cause inflammation in the body, which is not great for your complexion!

The best way to harness their benefits is by eating them as part of a healthy, balanced diet. Beetroot is also great for improving circulation and reducing puffiness under the eyes!

How Does Beetroot Clear Skin?

Rich in Vitamin c– Beetroots are a great source of Vitamin C, an essential nutrient for the skin. It helps to produce collagen, which is necessary for healthy skin cells.

Beetroot juice is also a natural bleacher, so it can help to lighten dark spots and acne scars over time. This is one of the reasons beetroot is great for making your skin glow.

Beetroot contains nitrates– When these are consumed, they get converted to nitric oxide in the body. This helps relax blood vessels and improve circulation throughout the entire body, including the face!

By improving your facial circulation, you can notice a reduction of dark circles under the eyes and puffiness.

Beetroot juice is also a great detoxifier for your skin– It has high levels of betalain, which are antioxidants that have been found to reduce the appearance of age spots.

Antioxidant powerhouse- Beetroot is one of the most antioxidant-rich vegetables out there. This means that it can help fight off free radicals and toxins that can cause skin damage.

Beetroot is also high in iron, which helps produce more red blood cells, which can deliver oxygen throughout the body and help to nourish the skin cells.

Delicious Beetroot Juice Recipes For Skin

Beetroot Apple Juice

Ingredients– Beetroot, Apple, Ginger

Benefits- This juice is great for detoxification and improving skin complexion. The apple will help sweeten the juice, and the ginger will give it a nice spicy kick.

Beetroot Carrot Juice

Ingredients- Beetroot, Carrots, Ginger

Benefits– This is an excellent juice for improving skin elasticity and firmness. The Vitamin C from the carrots will help promote collagen production.

Beetroot Cucumber Juice

Ingredients– Beetroot, Cucumber

Benefits– This juice is great for skin firmness and elasticity. It can also help soothe breakouts from acne due to its cooling properties.

The cucumber will add a refreshing element, while the beetroot will make your skin glow. The antioxidants in this juice will improve your complexion!

Beetroot Orange Juice

Ingredients- Beetroot, Orange

Benefits– This juice is excellent for improving skin hydration and elasticity. The orange will give the beetroot juice a sweet and tangy flavour. Orange is also a great source of Vitamin C.

Beetroot Turmeric juice

Ingredients– Beetroot, Turmeric

Benefits- This juice is great for detoxification and anti-inflammatory properties. The turmeric will give the juice a spicy kick and also give you an immune boost.

Incorporate beetroots into your diet! It’s best to either cook them or juice them yourself, as most store-bought beetroot juices are high in sugar. Try one of these delicious recipes to get started! Your skin will thank you for it!

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Should You Apply Beetroot Topically?

Beetroot juice is a powerful antioxidant, so it can be applied topically to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also has skin lightening properties, so it can help lighten dark spots and acne scars. 

Just make sure to dilute the juice with water before applying it to the skin.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Beetroots can cause redness, itching and minor irritation for some people when consumed in excess.

However, these symptoms typically do not last very long once you stop eating them! So be sure to drink beetroot juice in moderation if you have any sensitivities.

How To Maintain A Glowy Skin

Here are some tips to help you maintain a healthy glow!

Drink lots of water- Skin is the body’s largest organ, so it needs to be hydrated from within. Drinking plenty of water will help to flush out toxins and keep your skin looking healthy and hydrated.

Exercise– Exercise releases endorphins, which have mood-boosting effects. When you’re feeling good, you’ll likely have a more positive attitude towards your appearance and be less likely to stress out about your skin.

Eat a healthy diet– The foods you eat are the building blocks for healthy skin, so make sure to incorporate plenty of fruits and vegetables into your diet. In addition, a diet rich in antioxidants will help to protect your skin from damage.

Avoid excess sugar– Sugar is highly inflammatory, which can cause damage to the body’s cells over time, including the skin cells. An easy way to do this is by cutting back on the amount of sugar you add to your coffee or tea.

Avoid excess caffeine– Too much caffeine can cause dehydration and inflammation in the body, which is not great for your complexion! A good alternative is green tea, full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

Add probiotics to your diet– Studies have shown that this can help improve the healthiness of your microbiome and reduce inflammation in the body. Probiotics such as yoghurt and kefir are excellent sources of probiotics.

Take Vitamin A supplements– This has been found to promote healthy cellular growth throughout the entire body, including improving complexion. It is also great for maintaining healthy skin cells.

Try an oil cleansing method– This is a popular Korean beauty technique that involves massaging your face with oil to remove impurities and makeup without stripping away moisture from the skin.

It can also help reduce acne breakouts by helping to balance sebum production on the surface of the skin.

Exfoliate regularly– This is important to remove any dead skin cells that may be clogging your pores and preventing your skincare products from working their best.

Try using a gentle physical exfoliant like sugar or salt or an enzyme exfoliant like papaya or pineapple.

Get enough sleep– This is essential for overall health and can help reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness under the eyes. In addition, sleep deprivation can make your skin look dull and tired, so be sure to get enough shut-eye every night!

Avoid smoking– This is a huge contributor to skin damage and can lead to fine lines, wrinkles and sagging. It also increases the risk of certain types of cancer, so it’s not a good look for your skin or overall well-being.

Eliminate stress– When you’re stressed out, the body releases a hormone called cortisol that can break down collagen. This can cause sagging, fine lines and wrinkles to appear on the skin. Find ways to reduce your stress levels every day, whether it’s through yoga, meditation or deep breathing exercises.

Make sure to wear sunscreen– Protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays is one of the best ways to keep it looking young and healthy!


Beetroots are a great way to improve the health and appearance of your skin! They are packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that can help to nourish and revitalize your complexion.

Try incorporating them into your diet with one of these delicious recipes! Your skin will thank you for it!

 More importantly,  though, you should follow a healthy diet and lifestyle overall to achieve the best possible results.

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