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11 Genius Steps to Keeping a Beauty Journal: A Comprehensive Guide to Improve Your Health and Appearance Now With Instant Results

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Keeping a beauty journal is not something most people think about, but it can benefit your health and appearance. Keeping track of what you eat, how much exercise you get, and the products you use will help you know what works for your body type and what doesn’t.

This way, when trying new things out in the future, you’ll have an idea about whether or not they are worth pursuing. The following is a guide on keeping a beauty journal so that it’s easy for anyone!

How to Start a Beauty Journal

Set up your beauty journal

 First, you’ll need to find a spot for your journal. A good place might be on the counter in your bathroom so that it’s always easily visible and accessible. You may also want to buy some pretty stationery or decorate a plain notebook with stickers!

There are tons of ways you can customize this part–make sure there is enough space for writing down everything each day.

Start journalling

Start by listing things like how much water you drank, what exercise you got during the day (or if not anything at all), and any new products that have come into contact with your skin, such as makeup or lotion. At first, these numbers won’t seem important, but they will once you start comparing them over the course of a few weeks.

No judgement writing

Write down your mood and the state of your skin. This can be any number of things such as acne, dryness, redness, etc., but make sure to include it!

Remember that this is for you- no one else will see these entries, so there’s no need to worry about being self-conscious or like some beauty expert in the process–keep track without feeling too worried about how others may evaluate what you are doing.

What you eat matters

Include whether or not you had coffee during the day (note if decaf), iced tea, milk with cereal/oatmeal at breakfast time, green juice after lunchtime workout…anything that would have caffeine or sugar in it.

This will help you see how your body reacts to different things when they enter your system and provide the best way to regulate what is going on internally, which can also yield other health benefits such as clearer skin or weight loss!

Note your night routine

Record any new products that were used at night time (creams, moisturizers, lotions) and a note about whether or not there was anything unusual during sleep hours–this could be something like “I slept too much” if this was reflected by an unusually long period of deep slumber.

It’s important to remember these details because sometimes we don’t know if our body likes or dislikes a product, but our bodies tell us through strange dreams or significant changes in sleep quality.

Write about your cravings

Write down any weird food cravings that you had during the day or if there was something specific about your diet today–perhaps a new fruit, vegetable, protein shake.

If this is unknown to you yet, then write down what foods you ate and how they made you feel (so, for example, “I ate apples” instead of “I craved bananas”). This way, when dietary changes are being considered in the future, it will be easier to pinpoint which ones seem to work best!

Write about your moods too

Note whether or not anything felt different than usual as far as mood/stress level goes. There may be some days when everything feels okay, but things might have been more difficult on others, so take note of these situations because, over time, you might find that there is a pattern–which can be useful for later.

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Did you interact with pets?

Take note of whether or not you had contact with any animals and, if so, what type. This can be anything from a pet at home to an animal on the street–whatever it was, make sure to write down everything that could have come into contact with your skin (even if this is something like air pollution!).

Over time you might find that certain things affect your skin more than others, and it will be easier to pinpoint what needs the most attention!

Share your thoughts and ideas in your beauty journal

Write down any important thoughts or ideas as they come up. You never know when something will pop into your head, so take a minute to put everything out there if anything is useful later on.

You want to make sure that this is a place where you can come and reflect no matter what happens in your day, so it’s best to keep track of anything.

Sharing is caring!

Share the finished beauty journal with someone else! This will allow them–if they are not already doing something similar!–to monitor their own health and appearance as well. There is much power in sharing information and taking care of yourself because you never know who it might benefit!

Stay consistent

Schedule time in your day to work on this beauty journal. It’s important not just for the sake of having a good record but also because it will be a reminder that you are worth taking care of and giving time to!

There is no better feeling than knowing that you have done what you need to do at the end of the day–especially when it comes to something as self-loving and important as this.

Write dates throughout your beauty journal

Please write down the date you completed this beauty journal so that it can be referenced later on and show how far your journey has come! It’s always helpful to look back at what used to happen to understand where we are now.

Benefits of a Beauty Journal


The journal will provide a space to reflect on what has been going well and areas that need improvement. This is important for maintaining self-care, as it can be difficult in the throes of an acne breakout or extreme stress levels to remember how you feel when everything seems so much better! It’s good to have something like this to refer back on to see progress.

Keep track of what works

By keeping a record of what you are eating, how much sleep was had, and any other important factors, it will be easier to make changes and improve on your beauty routine. It’s nice to know which products, drinks or foods were most helpful when trying to improve your health and appearance.

See patterns easily

Sometimes, a pattern becomes clear–for example, if you notice that certain foods are causing stomach upset, this will become more obvious over time. Writing a beauty journal can help you see which product could be causing acne, breakouts and other skin issues. It will be easier to make the necessary changes.

Identify irritants

Keeping track of different types of contact with animals (or even air pollution) might help identify which things need particular care to keep the skin healthy.

Stay on track with goals

It’s also a great way to stay accountable for any goals and promises that were made as well–instead of forgetting about them until the end of the day. It will be easier to flip back through your beauty journal. Whether you’re trying not to drink too much wine at night or drinking more water before bed, you will be able to see what has worked in the past.

Share your journey

It’s also a good way for friends and family members who are not doing their own beauty journals to stay updated about how someone is doing! A journal like this can serve as an inspiration or offer advice when needed without having to ask too many questions–plus, it’s a good way to take care of others as well!

Beauty journal can be therapeautic

This journal is also beneficial because it will provide an outlet for all the things going on in one’s life. Often, people might not know how they feel about something or where their emotions come from and just writing them down can help give clarity.

It may be that something as simple as an embarrassing haircut or a fight with someone is affecting more than one might have thought!

Beauty journal can inspire self development

It’s also good because it will serve as a reminder of the most important things in life–whether this be taking care of oneself, being grateful or doing what one loves. This way, there won’t be any surprises when it’s time to reevaluate and figure out how best to live.

Would you keep a beauty journal? Let me know in the comments.

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