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Home Gym And Fitness Gifts Ideas That Will Impress Anyone And Show How Thoughtful You Are Without Breaking The Bank

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If you are looking for a great gift idea for someone with a home gym, then this is the article for you! 

I’ve compiled 17 practical ideas that your loved one will love. Keep reading to learn more about these gifts and how they can make anyone’s workout experience better!

Home Gym Gift Ideas

home gym gifts ideas

Fitness tracker 

This is a great gift idea for anyone that works out at home. It’ll help them keep track of all their exercises, making it easier for them to stay on top of things!

Foam roller 

This product helps improve flexibility while relieving muscle soreness! It’s perfect for anyone looking to recover after a long workout session without having to see a masseuse every time.

Yoga mat 

Yoga mats are another versatile piece of equipment that every fitness fanatic should have in their stash. They can help provide extra cushioning while doing other exercises, making it easier on the knees and joints.

Workout DVDs 

If you know someone who loves working out or trying new classes at home but doesn’t want to spend money going around, then a set of workout DVDs is the perfect gift idea. They’re easy to use and can provide hours upon hours of entertainment!

Exercise ball 

These are an excellent addition for anyone with a home gym looking to add in some cardio exercises. 

It helps improve balance, coordination, and it burns more calories than sitting on an exercise bike or treadmill! It’s great for balance and core strengthening, as well as helping to burn more calories.

Resistance bands

This is another must-have item for any fitness fanatic who has their home gym setup. Get them resistance bands if they want something versatile but don’t want too many pieces crowding up their equipment area.

Jump rope 

Every household should have one of these around at all times because it’s such a helpful tool when trying to stay fit and active. If someone you know has been complaining about their lack of space for a home gym, then get them this as a gift!


This is another excellent gift for someone looking to make their home gym bigger and more versatile. They’re easy to use, inexpensive, and they can provide a lot of resistance!

Water bottles

This is another perfect gift for anyone who likes to work out at home because it’s so helpful. It helps remind them to stay hydrated while working out, making it a thoughtful present!


These are great workout accessories that people who like to listen to music while exercising will love. They can listen to their favourite songs or podcasts while working out. It’s perfect for someone looking to have some extra motivation while at the gym.

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Exercise bike

This is a great gift idea to give anyone who wants to add some cardio into their daily workout but is looking for something that doesn’t take up a lot of space.

It’s a small investment, but it provides excellent value!

Yoga app subscription

This is a thoughtful and helpful gift idea for anyone who’s into yoga or meditation. It provides easy access to podcasts and videos that they can use in their daily self-care routine!

Meditation app subscription 

This is a great gift idea for anyone who wants to add some mindfulness to their daily routine. It’s easy to use and can help them relax after a workout; they can do it just about anywhere!

Herbal tea collection

Herbal tea help to relax muscles, improve digestion, and even increase your energy level. They’re a great gift idea for anyone who wants to enjoy tea after a challenging workout!

Cute workout outfit!

This is a cute gift idea for the fitness fanatic who loves to enjoy fashion and stay trendy. It’s a great way to show them how much they mean to you!

New workout shoes

This is a great gift to help someone kickstart their fitness journey. It’s an inexpensive way to help them be more active, and it’s something that they’ll use every day.

Protein shake powder

This is a thoughtful gift idea for anyone who’s been trying to add more protein to their diet. It can help them get the nutrients they need quickly and conveniently!

Other fitness gift ideas

Healthy snacks subscription box

Give your loved one the gift of delicious snacks that are great for fueling up before or after a workout!

Yoga mat (or two!)

if you want to surprise someone, then get them some yoga mats. They’re inexpensive, and they can be used anywhere!

Meditation cushion 

Perfect for anyone who likes doing their meditation, but they’re looking for a more comfortable place to do it.

Yoga hammock 

This is another excellent gift idea if your loved one enjoys doing yoga at home! It’s easy to set up and provides good support, so their poses will be perfect!


A journal is a perfect gift for any fitness lover who likes to write down goals, thoughts or other inspirations. It’s also great because it encourages them to stick with their workouts and stay accountable!

Aerobics or dance workout DVD 

This gift idea is perfect if they’re looking for some extra motivation to work out! They can pop in a DVD and work out from the comfort of their own home.

Workout clothing subscription 

This subscription box is perfect for the fitness lover who loves trying out new workout clothes! They’ll get a few different pieces each month, and they can switch it up whenever they want!

Bath salts

This is a thoughtful gift idea for anyone who wants to relax after a long day at the gym. The salts are great for soothing sore muscles and helping them to relax!


This is a great gift idea for someone who enjoys the aromatherapy aspect of yoga or meditation. It’s small, and it can even be used during their workouts to help them relax!

Gym bag 

This is a great gift idea for anyone who wants increased organization at the gym. It has pockets and compartments to store their phone, keys, wallet or whatever they might need throughout the day.

Scented candles

These are a great gift idea for anyone who enjoys spending time at home or enjoying their own company. They also make the room smell amazing, which is a bonus!

Personalized gym towel

This is a cute and thoughtful gift idea for anyone who wants to feel extra motivated at the gym. It’s personalized with their name so that they will feel extra special!

Yoga socks 

These are a thoughtful gift idea for anyone who enjoys going barefoot when they work out. They help prevent injury and give them better traction when they’re on the mat.

Yoga mat bag 

This gift idea is perfect for fitness lovers who like to take their yoga mat with them everywhere! It has plenty of space for their mat, water bottle and phone!


This is a great gift idea if your loved one wants to improve their overall health. They’re designed to help increase energy levels, improve metabolism and even reduce stress!

Essential oils

This is a great gift idea for anyone who enjoys yoga, meditation or aromatherapy in general. They’re a thoughtful and creative way to help the recipient relax during their workouts.

Tea infuser bottle 

This gift idea is perfect for anyone who enjoys drinking tea. They can create their teas before or after a workout with the infuser!


While these are just a few ideas, the possibilities are endless. A good home gym can help people who live busy lives stay healthy and fit!

To find the perfect fitness gift for your loved one, pay attention to what they enjoy and check out some related products.

They might even drop hints on what they want or need,  which can help you narrow down your options.

You’ll be able to find a great gift idea for them, and they will feel extra special when they open their present!

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