How to drink more water when you don't like it

How to drink more water when you don’t like it | 11 irresistible healthy recipes that will transform your hair and skin

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Don’t just drink water because you have to – drink it because it’s good for you! Water is a necessary part of your daily routine and should be consumed throughout the day.

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In this blog post, I will share some delicious recipes for adding flavour to plain old H2O! I will also share 10 tips that will help you drink more water and improve your health. Finally, I will provide information on how to measure your daily water intake so that you can see what percentage of the recommended amount you are regularly drinking.

Infused Water Recipes

There are many ways to increase the amount of water you drink in a day. The easiest and most convenient is by adding fruit or vegetables into your glass. Infusing your H20 with flavour offers a refreshing alternative to plain old tap water while also providing extra nutrition! This section will introduce some easy infused-water recipes for those who want an additional boost at work or home. 

Pineapple Infused Water

(Makes One Quart) Add a handful of diced pineapple to a quart container filled with water and allow it to sit in the fridge overnight for maximum flavour! You can also add fresh herbs as well. 

Pineapple infused water recipe

Iced Tea Recipe

(Makes Four Servings) Boil four cups of filtered water and steep half a cup of black tea leaves in boiling water before adding two cups of cold, filtered tea. Let the tea cool for about 20 minutes before adding ice cubes, and enjoy! You can also include some fresh fruit or herbs to add flavour.

Lemon Lime Spritzer

(Makes Four Servings) Add lemon, lime, watermelon wedges, cucumber slices, orange slices to a pitcher of cold filtered water. Fill the rest with seltzers and enjoy!

Apple spice-infused water

One apple sliced into rings, cinnamon sticks for garnish (optional)

Lemon cucumber mint infused water

Slice half of fresh lemon in rounds and then quarter it; peel off the skin from two Persian cucumbers; chop three sprigs each basil leaves, peppermint leaves & spearmint leaves; combine all ingredients into a pitcher filled halfway with cold water.

Sparkling Strawberry Grapefruit Drink Recipe

(Makes Two servings) Combine one cup grapefruit juice with half a cup sparkling mineral water in an ice-filled glass, then top off with four strawberries that have been cut into quarters – this is so delicious!

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Cucumber Lime Infused Water

One cucumber slice + one lime wedge (or lemon) Instructions:  Peel the cucumber slice and then cut it into thin slices.  Cut a lime or lemon in half to release its juice for flavouring. Slice one of the halves thinly (removing any seeds) and combine with your sliced cucumbers.

Cucumber infused water

Blueberry Mint Infused Water Ingredients

Several blueberries + one sprig of mint leaves. Combine ingredients in a glass jar with ice cubes until well chilled for about 30 minutes. Strain out herbs before serving!  

Blueberry infused water

Plum Ginger Infused Water

One plum wedge + ginger+ three sprigs of fresh thyme leaves (or any other herb). Cut your fruit into wedges; mix with the selected herb(s).  Place in a glass jar and fill with ice cubes until well chilled, about 30 minutes. Strain out herbs before serving!

Pear Thyme Infused Water

One pear + three sprigs of fresh thyme leaves (or any other herb). Cut your fruit into wedges; mix with the selected herb(s). Fill up a glass jar or bowl with ice cubes to chill for at least an hour. Once cold, strain out the chosen herbs before serving!

Apple Strawberry Infused Water

One apple & five strawberries, cut into quarters. Combine ingredients in a container filled with water and allow flavours to infuse overnight. The following day, discard peel from apples after removing the top and bottom of the fruit. Enjoy!

The Beauty Benefits of Drinking More Water

Water is the ultimate beauty key to feeling and looking your best. It does a lot more than hydrate you. It also helps cleanse your body of toxins and gives you clear skin. Here are some ways that drinking water can help make you look better in no time!

Water for the skin

  • It’s an all-around detoxifier. Your skin is your body’s largest organ, so it needs to stay clear and hydrated. Your skin also naturally detoxifies itself but when you drink enough water, you’ll help keep toxins from building up in your cells.
  • Drinking more water helps your skin look healthy and youthful, as it’s the most important factor in fighting wrinkles.
  • It also reduces dark circles under eyes because of less puffiness from staying hydrated
  • It helps flush out fat. Drinking more water can help break down the fat stored on our bodies that contributes to cellulite and other unattractive bumps on the surface of the skin.
  • It helps combat bloat. Dehydration causes bloating which leads to a puffy face or larger stomach appearance – yikes! The solution? Drink at least two liters per day (or about eight cups) for best results.

Water for hair

  • Drinking more water helps your hair look shinier and less frizzy because it provides moisture to keep strands looking sleek and shiny without weighing them down or causing a greasy texture. The oil from the scalp down the strand dissolves when wet to create a smoother appearance on naturally wavy or tightly coiled strands. Fill up those curls with plenty of H20! 
  • Drinking plenty of fluids will keep the scalp healthy by flushing out toxins every day – who knew? Of course, sweating does too, but water can do wonders for all those strands on top of your head as well! 
  • Drinking more water leads to healthier looking locks – in about two weeks, dry ends will start appearing less brittle if they’re hydrated properly. Your stylist will notice an improvement as well. Make sure to tell them where you got the advice from😁

Tips on How To Drink More Water

Water is essential for every part of your body’s functions, including elimination through urination, perspiration and bowel movements.

Drinking more water will help you lose weight, look better (less bloating!), improve your skin health, reduce the risk of kidney stones, joint pain/arthritis and heart disease!

Drink about 16oz in the morning to stay hydrated throughout the day but keep an eye on how much coffee or tea you are drinking because these beverages contain caffeine which can lead to dehydration if consumed in excess. 

Add fresh fruit like lemon slices, lime wedges, cucumber pieces (or anything else that appeals!) as a way to flavour plain old H20 – be sure not to overdo it, so there is room for ice cubes when desired! You can also add herbs such as rosemary and mint!

Carry around a reusable stainless steel water bottle with you during the day to stay hydrated. Bottled drinks often contain an unhealthy amount of sugar or other bad additives for your health and weight loss goals. 

Drink more before, during, and after exercise to avoid cramps or muscle fatigue – it will also make sure that your muscles get properly replenished as well!

Make morning coffee using filtered water instead of regular tap water so that you can drink even more H20 throughout the day. 

Tips for Measuring Intake

Use the following equation to calculate how many ounces are in any amount of liquid (in US measurements): ounce/30ml=ounce by weight; if one cup is 236 ml, then it would be 12 oz.

One litre weighs about four pounds when full, so divide that number into twelve equal parts and use those as units daily to keep track. Finally, if you are using metric measurements, one litre equals about 34 ounces.

Key Takeaway

How much water do you drink in a day? If you are like most people, then the answer is not enough. Drinking more water can help with weight loss and also keep your skin and hair looking healthy.

What is your favourite infused water recipe?

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