how to glow up

How to glow up revealed: 19 kickass tips to launch your glow up you wish you knew about before now

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You may be feeling some way – whether it’s great, bad or just ok. But the truth is we all have those moments where we want to do something different with our lives and start fresh. I know we usually save these types of things for the new year, but any time of the year is a perfect time for it – so I’m here to help you get your glow up started!

how to glow up

Tips on how to have a glow up

Don’t be so hard on yourself

A glow up is all about you, and it’s a process that may take time to become comfortable with, but you’re going to get there!

Learn from the past

You’re going through this process because there are things in life you want to change, right? Take some time to reflect on the past year and what you’d like your future self to be. What would they do differently? How does it feel when that person is doing those things? Visualizing this can help motivate us in achieving our goals. 

Enjoy your “me time”

Whether it’s a bubble bath, getting lost in the pages of an amazing book, or getting some work done while sipping on your favourite tea. Make time for yourself and your needs. You may not be able to do everything you want in one day, but it will all balance out over the course of a few months. So remember: take care of number-one first (you) before anything else.

how to have a glow up

Focus on small changes instead of big ones

If you go too extreme, it’s easy to set yourself up for failure – and we don’t want that! Creating significant change usually needs time, and patience so start small with your goals. For example, if you’ve wanted to learn how to cook more meals at home, try making healthy breakfast recipes or taking a new cooking class in the evenings.

Set achievable goals

Make sure one goal is achievable within 30 days or less (this will help keep you motivated). Then create smaller steps towards achieving this goal each day, like reading blogs about cooking techniques before tackling dinner tonight. You’ll be amazed at what can happen when you break something down into manageable tasks.

Make a vision board

Create a vision board or list of goals and post them in the places where you’ll see them often to remind yourself what your dream life could look like, helping fuel that motivation! Be mindful when choosing words for these images – positive phrases can boost moods and make us feel empowered, while negative messages will just be discouraging.

Make a plan

Create a plan of action for how you want the rest of the year to go, looking at short-term (e.g., two weeks from now) and long term goal setting (a month out). You’ll probably have more success with smaller tasks than trying to “makeover” everything all at once! Add these resolutions into your vision board as well so they’re easy to remember later on down the line.”

Resolutions can help

Please write down your resolutions and set a date for when you want to reach them. This will help keep track of what’s going on with your progress and give you something to hold yourself accountable to.

Keep track

Use a calendar or planner to create achievable goals for each day. This will help you stay on track and not have any downtime where your motivation may wane.

Simplify as much as possible

Simplify your routine by focusing on doing less instead of more, so you have time to take care of yourself (this also prevents burnout). This means eating out less, not checking social media first thing in the morning and taking some ‘me’ time before bed each night. It’s impossible to live our best lives if we don’t start with ourselves!

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Give to others

Volunteering is one way to help give back to those who are less fortunate than you. Even if you don’t have anything financial to give to others, share your smile and laughter with a stranger. Remember that other people are struggling too, and when you can, share some happiness with them

Say yes more often

Saying yes doesn’t have to mean signing up for all the things on your to-do list, but it does mean agreeing to do something that may be outside of your comfort zone. Saying yes is also about saying no sometimes – and creating boundaries for yourself can help you feel a little less overwhelmed.

Get rid of negativity

Get rid of negative people who make life harder for you- this means friends and family members too! They might not understand what is happening, which could create unnecessary drama. If possible, get some new friends (maybe online) because finding positive energy can help your journey even more!

Find a role model and follow their lead

If you aren’t sure where to start, find someone whose glow up inspires you! They are much more likely to be successful in helping you as well because they’ve already had that experience. For example, if I want to learn how to cook healthy meals at home, my best bet is finding people on social media with food blogs or YouTube channels teaching cooking lessons – it would take me weeks of research before I learned this information myself.

Focus on your body too

how to have a glow up

Taking care of yourself can seem daunting, but once we’re able to break those barriers down, it becomes easier the next time around. Start by adding some basic self-care practices into your everyday routine, like taking breaks throughout the day, drinking water, and getting the recommended amount of sleep.

No comparison

Stop comparing yourself to others! Everyone is on their own journey, and it’s important not to compare your timeline for success with theirs – you’ll end up feeling frustrated or discouraged. Follow what feels right for you instead of trying to live someone else’s life. 

Relax and have fun

Don’t forget about having fun while on this journey too! Take some time each week or month where you can enjoy life outside the grind – whether that’s making more time for friends and family, taking up an activity like golfing, or just reading at home with Netflix as a company…whatever makes YOU happy is what counts most 😊

Take care of mental health

Make sure that having a glow-up means more than looking better in photos! Don’t be afraid to also focus on mental health during this time by talking about how you’re doing mentally or seeking out therapy services. 

Reward yourself

Lastly, reward yourself often! It’s important to remind yourself that every little step forward is worth celebrating. Don’t be too hard on yourself if it doesn’t go the way you planned at first! 

Enjoy yourself! It’s so easy to be stressed out and anxious about the future that we forget how great life can be right now. So make sure you’re doing something every day that brings you joy, like planning a vacation or spending time with your favourite person. And don’t worry, this doesn’t mean quitting your job – it just means taking care of yourself too!

Key takeaway

Keep up with these steps over time, and before you know it, every year is going to look more like the year of YOU than ever before.

Thankfully there are many ways to have a successful and great glow up! It’s never too late to start fresh! Let me know what your top tip is for a glow up in the comments below.

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