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How to Make a Nourishing Oatmeal Facial Scrub in 5 minutes

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If you want smooth acne free glowing skin, then you need to start exfoliating regularly. These oatmeal facial scrubs are easy, quick and yet get the job done perfectly. 

I use these facial scrubs on my body too, and they have never failed to give me the glow and rejuvenation my skin desires. 

Exfoliating the body is a great way to keep the skin bright, smooth and glowing. Making your body scrub is great because you have complete control over the ingredients, and you can tweak them to suit your needs.

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How to make Oatmeal facial scrub for sensitive and oily skin

  1. Blend oatmeal and dried rose petals
  2. Add honey
  3. Add warm coconut milk 

How to use the scrub

  1. Apply to clean damp face in a circular motion 
  2. Leave on face for 15 – 30 minutes 
  3. Rinse with cool water
  4. Follow up with a moisturiser 
  5. Use 2- 3 times a week

Why this works

Oatmeal for face: Ground oatmeal is a gentle exfoliant that eliminates dead skin cells, dirt and excess oil. Oatmeal contains saponins and is, therefore, a gentle cleanser that can reduce blackheads over time. 

If you have ever put cool oatmeal on your skin, then you know it has a cooling effect. This cooling effect is due to its PH. As a result, oatmeal is good for cooling inflamed skin due to a rash or sunburn and giving the face an extra moisture boost.

Alternate ways to use Oatmeal

  1. Healthy and balanced breakfast
  2. Moisturizing Oatmeal soap. See how you can make yours here
  3. Give extra fibre to smoothies
  4. Use oat milk as a face mask

Rose petals: Rose petals have been used for hundreds of years on the skin.

 With all the pollution around,  rose petals are a great natural way to balance the skin’s PH. As a result,  the skin is less prone to breakouts.

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Like oatmeal, rose petals act as natural cleansers powerful enough to eliminate excess oil and dirt but still leave the skin hydrated and supple.

Other ways to use rose petals

  1. Use rose water as a face toner and cleanser
  2. Spray rose water on a pillow for better sleep 
  3. Take rose tea for extra hydration
  4. As part of a moisturizing face mask

 Coconut milk: The tropical smell of coconut milk is enough reason for me to use it as often as possible, but if you need more logic. Coconut milk is also a great cleanser due to its antibacterial properties.

If you are thinking, does it have a cooling effect like oatmeal and rose petals, then you are right! Coconut milk is effective at soothing sunburns and inflammation. It also has anti-ageing properties to reduce wrinkles and fine lines and works perfectly in oatmeal facial scrubs.

Alternate ways to use coconut milk 

  1. As a face cleanser 
  2. Use coconut milk as part of a nourishing face mask
  3. As a soothing milk bath
  4. Coconut milk as a hair rinse to give the hair shine

Honey: Using honey on the skin is no longer just an old wives tale. Researchers have verified that honey has antimicrobial properties and can speed up wound healing. 

Honey also has anti-ageing properties that can reduce wrinkles and skin infections that cause premature ageing. In addition, honey can also treat cancer cells, and I add it to all my oatmeal facial scrubs.

Other ways to use Honey:

  1. As a daily cleanser 
  2. As first aid for cuts, wounds and burns
  3. Added to body cream for extra moisture 
  4. In a hair mask to repair dry hair

Make sure only to use pure raw honey.

How to make Oatmeal scrub for normal skin

  1.  Blend lavender buds and oat 
  2. Add sea salt
  3. Then add Honey
  4. Finally, add rosehip oil
  5. Mix Properly

How to use this Oatmeal facial scrub

  1. Apply to clean damp face and body in a gentle circular motion 
  2. Leave on for 15 minutes 
  3. Rinse with cool water
  4. Follow up with a moisturizer 
  5. Use 2- 3 times a week

Why it works

Lavendar buds: If you have ever worked with lavender buds, then you know they smell divine. These buds also have excellent skin benefits, and I have used them more than once to calm irritated skin and reduce inflammation.

Lavender can balance the PH of the skin. It also boosts collagen and, as a result, gives the skin a healthy, youthful glow. Lavendar is also a cleanser with antibacterial properties that can clean the pore and therefore reduce acne. 

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Other ways to use Lavendar buds

  1. Take a calming lavender tea
  2. Sprinkle in the bath for a refreshing bath
  3. Spray lavender tea on the pillow for relaxing sleep
  4. Use lavender tea on the scalp for hair growth

Sea salt: Sea salt is one of my best exfoliants. I only use ultrafine sea salt that is more gentle on the skin and reduces the chances of causing skin tears.

The minerals in sea salt nourish the skin, balances oil production in the skin and therefore makes it great for managing acne breakouts. The mineral boost is my main reason for using sea salt in my scrubs all the time.

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Alternate ways to Sea salt

  1. Use sea salt as a teeth whitener
  2. Then add sea salt to a scalp scrub
  3. Use sea salt to brighten the nails
  4. Take a relaxing and cleansing sea salt bath

 Rosehip oil: Rosehip oil is a lightweight, fast-absorbing oil, and because it absorbs quickly into the skin, it can deposit its antioxidants deep into the skin. It also has a non-greasy feeling and is safe for acne-prone skin.

Rosehip oil can lighten the skin tone over time. In addition, it’s super moisturizing and can prevent wrinkles and fine lines.

Other ways to use Rosehip oil

  1. Use as a daily moisturizer
  2. Add to a moisturizing face mask
  3. Use as cuticle oil for healthy nails
  4. Use as a moisturizing lip gloss

How to store the Oatmeal facial scrubs:

Store excess scrub in the freezer and place on a counter to thaw before use.

I suggest that you perform a patch test with the product in a small section following these steps before using it on all of your skin.

A quick summary

 If you have sensitive skin, I recommend using the oat and rose petals face scrub since Oat is a gentle exfoliant, great for cooling down the skin and keeping it moisturised. 

If you have normal skin and can handle a much stronger exfoliant, then I recommend the oatmeal lavender and sea salt body scrub as it has all the benefits of oat plus the fantastic smell of lavender and deep cleansing from the sea salt.

Which of the scrubs are you more likely to try? I’ll love to hear from you in the comment section. 

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