how to use rosemary for hair growth

How To Use Rosemary For Hair Growth With Super Effective DIY Recipes To Give You Gorgeous Hair Fast

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Rosemary is one of the most powerful herbs for hair growth. It can be used in countless ways to promote healthy, long locks. Rosemary water is a great way to use rosemary because it’s easy and inexpensive! 

This article will show you how to make rosemary water and other ways to use this amazing herb for your hair.

Does Rosemary really help grow hair? 

how to use rosemary for hair growth

There’s no denying that there are many benefits when using rosemary, including stimulating healthy circulation in the head, which contributes to healthier hair and thicker locks. 

It’s also great for preventing hair loss, dealing with dry or oily scalps and is packed full of antioxidants to strengthen your hair shafts so they can be long and beautiful!

How to use Rosemary for hair growth 

How to make Rosemary water for hair

Rosemary water can be used as a rinse after shampooing, which will help stimulate the scalp while conditioning the ends simultaneously. 

You don’t need much rosemary to get results. Add some fresh sprigs into an empty spray bottle (you might want to cut them up first) and fill it about halfway with boiling water, then top off with cold tap water. 

Let this sit overnight before using by spraying directly on your head before you shampoo. Rosemary water can also be used as a leave-in conditioner to soften your hair and keep it moisturized.

To use rosemary water as a leave-in conditioner, spritz some rosemary water to the roots and hair shaft, apply a conditioner or cream and style your hair as usual.

How to use Rosemary hair oil

Rosemary oil is one of the best, most versatile ways to use rosemary. It can be applied directly on your scalp and left overnight for a deep conditioning treatment that will stimulate hair growth while also preventing dandruff or other common problems associated with a dry scalp. 

how to use rosemary oil for hair growth

You can apply this powerful oil in several different methods depending on how often you want to do it and what kind of results you’re looking for. 

To prepare Rosemary oil, add a teaspoon of rosemary leaves to a cup of carrier oil like Coconut oil. Allow infusing in a dark place for 4 – 6 weeks. Strain and apply to scalp and hair at least once a week.

How to use Rosemary essential oil for hair

Rosemary essential oil is one of the most versatile oils you could ever invest in due to its many benefits that aid everything from dry scalp relief, preventing dandruff, promoting healthy circulation, and increasing blood flow, resulting in healthier hair growth! 

You only need about six to twelve drops per 30ml of carrier oil since this oil is really potent. Some of the best carrier oil to use include Sesame seed oil, Sweet almond oil, Avocado Oil, and Jojoba oil. Apply to damp scalp and let sit overnight.

You don’t need to rinse off this oil but don’t go overboard with the oil, or you’ll end up with greasy hair.

Rosemary essential oil also works great if you have thinning hair or bald patches on your head. 

how to use rosemary essential oil

To use rosemary essential oil in the shampoo, add some drops into your favourite shampoo before applying. Apply rosemary oil directly onto your scalp (dilute with another carrier if desired) at night on clean, 

When massaging into the scalp, use gentle circular motions. Avoid sensitive areas like the face since this is an essential oil and will cause irritation if misused. This method should only be done every other day for about five minutes at night before going to bed. 

Just make sure all excess oil has been wiped off with a soft cloth. Finally, remember to cover your pillow and use a satin bonnet or scarf.

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How to use Rosemary hair mask

To make a rosemary hair mask, combine one cup of rosemary water with two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and a quarter-sized amount (or less). Add your favourite carrier oil like coconut, jojoba or avocado and some greek yoghurt to form a paste.

 Apply to damp hair from root to tip, then wrap in saran wrap before sitting under a dryer for about 20 minutes at the salon, then this can be done overnight as well by simply braiding it into four sections before bedtime using silk scarf ties instead so that they don’t tangle up. 

Rinse out the next morning or after 30 minutes and style your hair as usual! This rosemary hair mask will make your hair easy to detangle without causing breakage. It will also give your hair shine and moisture, but most importantly, boost hair growth.

Come through healthy long hair 👏👏!

Rosemary for hair benefits

It contains several antioxidants that are beneficial for your skin as well as your scalp!

Rosemary is an amazing herb when used correctly and will help stimulate new growth while also replenishing moisture, softness and shine to damaged tresses so that you can have a long head of healthy hair in no time! 

It is high in Vitamin E, which will help nourish both hair follicles and roots. Hence, they grow thicker while promoting healthy circulation throughout the head, strengthening each strand from root to tip and preventing future breakage or damage. 

Herbalists worldwide have long used the antioxidants found within rosemary for their amazing benefits that range anywhere from balancing hormones (which can help with childbirth) all the way up to treating certain cancers, including leukaemia – now who wouldn’t want such a powerful herb for their hair?

7 other effective tips for hair growth 

Drink plenty of rosemary and other herbal tea and stay hydrated! You also need to make sure your hair stays hydrated and moisturized daily. If you have dehydrated hair, try moisturizing once or twice a day until you find a frequency that keeps your hair moisturized.

Protect your hair from environmental damage. After all the hair treatment and oils, the last thing you want is the wind drying out your treatment and leaving you with dry, frizzy hair. You can start putting your hair in braids. 

Together your hair will stand the environment but divided; your hair will fall 😁. Keep that in mind and make sure your hair is protected in clusters or braids as much as possible.

Do not wash your hair every day if you can avoid it. Shampooing too often strips away essential oils. This can prevent healthy scalp function while also drying out fragile strands over time which could cause breakage, especially during styling processes. 

Avoid heat damage from blow-drying or curling irons used too often (once a month is fine but try using an air-dry method like simply braiding into sections overnight instead). 

Limit dyeing and chemical treatments for healthier locks; stick to colouring once or twice a year or so if you must do it regularly. 

Use your rosemary water for hair growth treatment every other day for the best results. This will help stimulate new growth while also nourishing from root to end! You can use the rosemary-infused water daily on your scalp and the oil once a week. Consistency is key

Take time out of each week to perform a scalp massage for about 10 – 15 minutes. If you are up for it, try doing a scalp massage daily. I have never been able to follow through with daily scalp massages. Not only does this feel good, but it works wonders on circulation, which will promote healthy hair growth.

Key takeaway

Whether you follow these tips or not, I hope that this article rosemary has taught you to love your locks and inspired you with different methods of using this amazing herb!

If so, then please feel free to share some of your own ideas in the comments section below. I’d love to know what works for everyone else as well.

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