self care habits to track

Practical Self-care Habits To Track That Will Ignite A Lifetime Of Laughter, Happiness And Joy

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As a society, we’ve become so focused on productivity and success that we often forget to care for ourselves. Yet, self-care is an integral part of our well-being, and it can be difficult to remember how important it is when we feel overworked or stressed. But if you want your best self every day, then self-care habits are essential! 

This blog post will discuss 12 self-care habits to track when creating the life you deserve.

How can I track my self-care

how can I track my self-care

Annual Review

This is something that you do once a year at the same time. It’s great to reflect on what you have accomplished this past year and what you have planned for the upcoming year.

Monthly Checkups

This could be a monthly appointment with your doctor or therapist. It’s also helpful to have check-ins simultaneously every month so you can remember if anything has changed in your life.

Daily To-Do Lists

These lists are great at keeping you on track and creating a sense of accomplishment. Think about what you want to accomplish each day—from exercise, spending time with your loved ones, or finishing a project–and write it down!

Daily Gratitude/Gratitude Journals

If you struggle with depression or anxiety, a gratitude journal can be beneficial. It’s like having a conversation with yourself about all the things you are grateful for. This is a great way to recognize the positive in your life.

Self-care habits to track

Creating a self-care routine is the first step to ensuring your best health. Tracking these things won’t take up too much of your time, but it will show how important self-care is to your life. Once you have a routine, you can track it and make sure that you are completing your self-care tasks each day.

Healthy eating

This is something everyone should be aware of, but oftentimes people don’t realize how many unhealthy decisions they make each day until it’s too late. So if you want to live a long and healthy life, start by tracking what you eat! You can even use an app like MyFitnessPal or write in your journal.


If you don’t exercise regularly, then this is a good habit to start. Not only does it improve your physical health, but it also helps with mental wellness! You can either track workouts or increase the number of days you hit the gym each week.

self care habits to track


This is another great way to reduce stress and improve mental clarity. You can even do this at home by setting a timer or using an app like Calm. Meditation and yoga can both be beneficial and are vital self-care habits to build over time.


If you love to read, tracking the number of books you finish each month is a great way to see your progress! You can even take it a step further by tracking the books that you read each month.

Positive Self-Talk/Affirmations

If you’re struggling with negative self-talk, then it might be helpful to try affirmations instead! They create positive thoughts that help build your confidence and self-esteem. An easy way to do this is by writing them down or saying them out loud each night before bed!


If you want to look better and feel more confident, it’s important to take care of your skin. There are a variety of things that you can track to ensure that your skin stays healthy. You can even create a skincare routine and follow it each day!

Random acts of kindness

It’s always a nice surprise to receive a random act of kindness from someone else. Try performing one each day and track how it makes you feel! It will make your day better, as well as the person who helped you out.


This can be anything that you are passionate about, whether it’s painting or writing. If you love expressing your creativity, then this is a great habit to track! You can even set goals for how often you want to create something new each month.

Career assessment

If you’re not sure what your next step is in life, then it might be time to get a career assessment. This can help guide you and make goals more specific! In addition, reaching your career goals is a form of self-care and love because it’s something that you are passionate about.

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Social time

Everyone needs time to be social, even if it’s just having a conversation with yourself! This is important for your mental health and can help you build a stronger community of people that care about you. You can set daily reminders to text someone or even plan dinner dates with friends each month!

Financial planning

Tracking your spending can help see where you are financial. If you have a budget, then it’s important to re-evaluate this each month. Even if you don’t have a budget, it’s still helpful to track how much money you spend each day.


This is something that everyone needs to function each day. If you aren’t getting enough sleep, then it might be time to track your sleep habits. You can even set reminders on your phone each night before bed!

Mood tracking

If you struggle with mental health, then it might be helpful to track your mood each day. This can help you see when things are off and better understand what you need. You can even add in things like how many hours of sleep you got each night and if you took time for self-care that day.

Binge eating

If you struggle with food or have a problem with binge eating, then it’s time to track your habits! This helps you understand when and why you binge eat, which can help you stop. You can even set reminders to track your eating each day and create a meal plan for the week.

What is a self-care checklist?

There are various things that you can track to make sure that your self-care is on point! You can then create a self-care checklist with the different habits and see how often you do them each month.

This checklist can help you see what needs to be improved and where you can make some changes! Even if it’s something like updating your skincare routine, that’s something that will impact your self-care.

The self-care checklist can be updated daily, weekly or each month to keep track of your progress! This list can help you identify self-care habits that are important to you. In addition, this is a great way to see which ones you’re struggling with and where your strengths lie.


These are just some of the many self-care habits that you can track. Remember, there is no step-by-step method for tracking your self-care. Instead, it’s about setting realistic goals and celebrating each milestone.

Both self-care habits and self-care tracking should be an enjoyable experience, not something that makes you feel overwhelmed. If you start feeling overwhelmed by all the changes you are making in your life, then take a step back and try to find something that you enjoy doing. 

If your self-care habits are not fun and exciting, then it’s going to be much more difficult actually to do them!

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