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Self-care Sunday: Why it’s Important and How to Create Your Self Care Routine To Reveal Your Authentic Self

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The idea of self-care Sunday is to create one day a week where you are only focused on yourself. No work, no chores, just you! 

This can be difficult for many people that have never taken care of themselves before. But with some brainstorming and creativity, it will become easier each time until it becomes routine. 

In this blog post, we’ll explore why self-care Sunday is important and how to create your routine so that you can start living more mindfully to take better care of yourself and those around you.

Why is self-care Sunday important?

Self-care Sunday is a day where you practice self-care to the fullest.

A life filled with stress, a job that is not fulfilling and constant demands from others can take its toll on your well-being. We all need to recharge, even if we think that our life is fulfilling. 

self-care sunday

Self-care Sunday can help create a healthier mind, body and soul by allowing us to focus on ourselves rather than the world around us for just one day of the week.

47 self-care Sunday ideas

Take an extra long shower with all sorts of luxurious soaps

Practice Yoga/meditation

Go for a hike in the woods or spend some time by yourself.

Take up an art class like painting, knitting or acting.

Take a bubble bath with lavender oil to relax your muscles and mind.

Try some new nail polishes or get an at-home manicure.

Spend the day reading all of your favourite books while you eat delicious chocolates, munch on popcorn or drink hot cocoa.

Catch up on sleep that you may have missed out over the week by sleeping in until noon on Sunday mornings!

self care idea

Go for brunch with friends – meet up at a cute cafe where they serve breakfast foods, tasty coffee/tea and even mimosas if desired.

Day trip somewhere nearby like visiting family or taking photos around town!

Make Sunday Funday more special than usual so plan activities ahead of time like playing board games together, building a fire in the pit or going to a special event held once a year.

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Start a journal to document your journey of self-care Sunday’s – it will be fun to look back on in the future!

Go out for ice cream (or anything sweet) and take a stroll through town.

Make breakfast foods such as pancakes or eggs/bacon while listening to relaxing music for at least 30 minutes before starting your day.

Start a new hobby such as painting, dance lessons or music appreciation!

Take care of your pets or plants that need attention – give them some love on self-care Sunday’s! It will make you feel good knowing they are loved just as much as you.

Buy yourself flowers and place them in the vase on your dining room table to brighten up the space and make you smile.

Take a long walk (or run) at least once around town or in your neighbourhood – take some selfies along the way! 

Go shopping for yourself without feeling guilty about it (or go window shopping) – treat yourself to something small like a new lipstick or nail polish.

Spend the day at a spa getting pampered from head to toe – this will make you feel brand new!

Take up an art class such as painting, drawing or photography.

Start a blog about your journey of self-care Sundays and how it has made you a happier person overall. Some so many people would appreciate it.

Try out new foods such as sushi, Indian cuisine or Thai food if that’s something you enjoy

Take a long hot shower while listening to relaxing music and think about all the positive things in your life lately.

Have a movie marathon by watching all of your favourite movies from childhood, favourite genre’s etc…

Go out for dinner at an expensive restaurant.

Do some spring cleaning around the house by organizing closets, drawers and making sure all surfaces are clean before bedtime.

Start taking photos of the first signs of spring around your neighbourhood and house!

Visit family members that you do not get to see as often during other times in the year. Visit local landmarks such as parks, monuments etc…

Review your monthly calendar and book any appointments that you may have missed or forgotten about.

Enjoy a delicious meal at your favourite restaurant while catching up on the days events with your best friend.

Plan out all activities to do over the week ahead. This will help relieve stress by not stressing about what to do next week!

Create a meal plan for the week ahead and grocery shop accordingly.

Start an indoor herb garden – it will be rewarding watching them grow!

Build yourself up by finding online blogs/tutorials on doing something new such as scuba diving or making the perfect pizza.

Do something you love, like taking photos, cooking/baking etc… while listening to your favourite music.

Stay off social media if you can for the day – spend time with loved ones instead!

Make a homemade face mask, scrub or lotion for yourself.

Go to a comedy show, dance performance or concert in your city!

Wash and style your hair while listening to some of your favourite songs.

You can make a list of new goals you want to achieve and get excited about them!

Create a vision board for self-care Sunday’s or make an affirmation board to remind you why you are important.

Declutter your home by donating clothing, books you will never read again etc.

Try cooking something new for dinner – go through one of your favourite cookbooks and pick out an exciting recipe that looks delicious.

Organize your closet or drawers and bring out a set of fresh clothes to wear.

Do some yard work around your house by mowing the lawn, planting flowers etc.

Go to church, temple, or whatever place of worship is important to you!

Why is regular self-care important and how do we make time for it?

Regular self-care is important because it keeps you in balance and helps prevent burnout.

Self-care Sunday is significant because it sets the tone for your week ahead. If you take time to look after yourself, it is much easier for you to care for others.

Self-care Sunday routine ideas are worth the effort – all it takes is a little planning and effort to make it happen! 

How can you make out time for self-care Sunday?

It can be challenging to make time for self-care Sunday, but it is so important.

There are many ways you can make time for self-care Sunday – you have to be creative!

You can let friends know beforehand so that they can take care of something for you or watch your kids so that you can have some time to yourself.

You also want to stay away from phone distractions during self-care Sunday. Instead, opt for a book or magazine to read.

You can also try planning out your whole week ahead of time to know precisely what is coming up and when. For safety reasons and in case of an emergency, let some close friends know where you’ll be and what you’ll be doing on your self-care Sunday, especially if you plan on putting your phone on silent.

How do we shift the mindset behind self-care?

It can be challenging to shift the mindset behind self-care because society has taught us that it is selfish.

In reality, taking care of yourself and having more energy for others shows how much you genuinely love them!

There are lots of ways that you can show your loved ones just how much they mean to you – a simple thank you or phone call to say hello.

One of the best ways is by showing up for them – be there when they need you most, even if it means changing your plans last minute but refusing to take care of yourself is not one of the ways. You have to honour yourself.

Bringing back self-care Sunday helps shift this mindset because instead of waiting until Monday morning to schedule in some “me time”, we make it a priority to take some time for ourselves.

We must shift our negative thoughts around “self-care” because it does not mean selfish.

Key takeaway

Just remember that self-care Sunday’s are important, and they can come in many forms. It is essential to take time for yourself, so you feel good about who you are every single day! 

Nobody deserves happiness more than YOU do, so try out any of these ideas or create your unique self-care routine. I hope this blog post was helpful!

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