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Simple Weight Loss Journal Prompts To Boost Your Healthy Weight Loss Immediately

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People who want to lose weight often keep a weight loss journal to write down their daily food intake and any exercise they do. If you are in need of weight loss journal prompts then you are reading the right article.

Keeping track of what you eat each day is essential to staying on the right path while losing weight. But, unfortunately, you can’t manage what you can’t measure.

Benefits of a weight loss journal

benefits of a weight loss journal

A journal helps you stay organized.

The weight loss journey can get overwhelming quickly, but keeping a weight loss journal can help you stay organized. A journal also enables you to track your weight loss progress over time.

You know what you are eating. 

Diet plays a vital role in weight loss and is responsible for  80% of weight loss. Keeping a food journal will help you know what you are eating and how many calories, fat, carbs, etc.

Holistic weight loss approach 

Monitor not only what you eat but also other things like your mood, stress, sleep etc. 

Weight loss is not just about the food, but many other factors affect it, such as your mood, stress levels, and sleep. Keeping a journal will let you know about all these things, which can help you focus on what you need to work on.

You can see your progress.

Keeping a journal will help you see how much weight you have lost over time, keeping you motivated towards reaching your goals.

Weight Loss Journal Prompts

To help get you started, here are things to include in your weight loss journal. Write at least one of these for each day you’re on your weight loss journey, and after the first month, you can scale back to just writing down what you feel comfortable with. 

weight loss journal prompts

How much sleep you got

It is essential to keep a sleep journal because sleep affects weight loss. Lack of sleep increases levels of the hunger hormone ghrelin and decreases leptin levels, which means you’ll be hungrier and less satisfied after meals. 

Aim for 7-9 hours of sleep each night so that you can have a healthy metabolism and have enough energy to get through your workouts.

What you’re eating

Weight loss needs to plan out your meals for the day, which means knowing what you’re going to eat. If you don’t have a sense of what you’re going to eat, you run the risk of finding yourself without any healthy options. 

Write down your menu for the day so that you can be sure to make the best shopping decisions and avoid shopping impulsively at the grocery store.

The last time you ate

When it comes to weight loss, timing is everything. Many weight loss tricks involve when you eat, such as exercising after eating to build muscle and boost your metabolism or saving half of your daily calories for a pre-bedtime snack. Please keep track of what time it is when you’re eating so that you can plan the rest of your day around it.

Your goals

It’s essential to have goals for your weight loss, from a long-term goal of losing x amount of pounds to a short-term goal of fitting into those jeans you bought last year. Write down what your goals are and keep them where you can see them every day so that they can be a reminder of what you’re aiming for and how far you’ve come.

Things you’re grateful for

When it’s time to write about your day, don’t just write down the things that happened: also include some of the good stuff too! Take a moment each evening to reflect on at least one or two things that went well during the day, even if it’s just a sunny day or a tasty lunch. Gratitude is an integral part of happiness and will help you maintain a positive outlook towards your weight loss journey.

What you did for exercise

If you’re trying to lose weight, then the chances are that you’re also doing some form of exercise, even if it’s just a daily walk around the neighbourhood. 

Keeping track of your workouts helps you be consistent and know when to push yourself harder. Write down how long you exercised, what type of exercise, and any other thoughts about your workout that you want to include.

Your cravings

Some people crave sugary foods because their bodies are missing certain nutrients and minerals that can only be found in sugary foods. Common nutrient deficiencies include calcium, magnesium, vitamin D, B12, iron, vitamin A and zinc. 

When you crave something sweet or greasy, like french fries or potato chips, it’s a good indicator that your body needs fat or sugar for fuel. If you’ve been mainly eating healthy food, then your cravings will pass within 24 hours. Keeping track of your cravings is an important weight loss journal prompt.

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How you feel

Write down how you’re feeling every day: emotionally and physically. Your emotions affect your weight gain and weight loss just as much as what you eat does! Are you stressed out? Depressed? Tired? 

Write about any emotional factors that could be affecting your weight loss journey so that you can find healthy ways to cope. For example, if you’re feeling sick or run down, give yourself an extra day or two before working out and another day to relax and rest.

Favourite part about your body

Everybody has something they love about their body, whether it’s your eyes, legs, thighs, shoulders, hands…even your belly! Having at least one thing you love about your appearance will help you stay positive when the scale isn’t moving fast enough for you.

Goals for tomorrow

Ending each daily journal entry with some goals for the next day is a great way to set yourself up for success with minimal effort. You don’t need particular motivation or inspiration: have a goal set for the next day so that you know what to do.

Your dreams

Your weight loss goals are important, but what about your life goals? Everyone has things that they want to accomplish in their lives. Maybe it’s getting married or pursuing a career you’ve always wanted or running a marathon!

Keeping track of your personal goals helps keep them top of mind and motivates you when the going gets tough.

Support system

Everyone needs people who will support them during difficult times, whether it’s an encouraging friend, co-worker, or even family member. Think about everyone who stood by your side and wrote them down in your journal whenever things get too tough to handle.

Things you’re excited about

Even if you’re having the worst day ever, it’s essential to focus on the positive instead of the negative because negative thoughts can lead to depression and other mental health issues.

So at least once a day, take a few minutes to write down everything that excites you, whether it’s your workout or dinner plans for later that night or seeing an old friend. Positive thoughts are contagious!

Goals for this year

Looking ahead at what you want to accomplish in your life is motivating and helps keep you focused on your long term goals rather than just weight loss alone.

This is an important weight loss journal prompt. Knowing what you want out of life will help push you forward through tempting moments when people try to discourage you from your goals.

Favourite thing to do

Having a hobby that you love helps keep your mind off the things that stress you out and exhaust you mentally and physically, like weight loss and working hard towards your goals. If you need ideas, think about something active like dance lessons or cycling because it’s an easy way to exercise throughout the week while having fun!

Current mood

Before bed, write down how you’re feeling right now, emotionally and physically. It could be anything from excited or frustrated or stressed or sad – whatever makes sense for this very moment in time because it’ll help prepare for tomorrow morning when you wake up feeling refreshed after a night of rest.

Tomorrow’s goals

Always end your journal entry with a list of things you want to accomplish tomorrow, whether it’s going for a jog or cooking dinner or reading a book or packing your lunch that morning. Seeing the progress throughout the week gets you motivated and helps you stay accountable to yourself.

When you’re having a bad day, it’s easy to look back at all of the things you didn’t get done and how that might affect your progress towards weight loss. 

Instead of beating yourself up, write down all the things you want to accomplish tomorrow that you didn’t get done today. It’ll keep you motivated to stay focused and gets rid of any guilt or stress.

Daily gratitude

Everyone goes through hard times in their lives, but there is always something to be grateful for no matter how bad they are or how hard things feel sometimes. Writing down all of these little things every day will make you appreciate what you have even more because it’ll remind you just how many reasons you have to be thankful! 


Keeping a weight loss journal is a huge motivational tool that helps you stay focused on reaching your long term goals. There are many benefits of maintaining a weight loss journal, but the top three are staying motivated, staying accountable, and keeping track of your progress.

These weight loss journal prompts are just the beginning of what you can write about. Start with these prompts, and over time, create your own that fits your lifestyle to keep you motivated!

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